Homebuyers Save Money

Are you interested in buying a new home in Savannah and surrounding areas including Rincon, Pooler, Effingham County and Guyton, GA? When you buy through Buy Sell Savannah Real Estate, YOU GET MONEY BACK AT CLOSING! 

Owners and licensed real estate agents Barb and Pete Chaison have over 40 years of knowledge in the home buying process and of the greater Savannah residential real estate market.  When you work with us to find your perfect Savannah home, we will discuss each step of the process for homebuyers, including financing options and buying power, what to expect in the negotiating process, and the steps involved to get a contract in place on the path to closing in a timely manner.

Enjoy the experience of finding your perfect Savannah home for sale with local Savannah Real Estate agents Barb and Pete Chaison.

Offer and Negotiation

Once we have found a Savannah home for sale that fits your criteria and that you “love,” we run a CMA or Comparative Market Analysis. This report will show us how the asking price on this home compares to other similar Savannah homes for sale that sold in the area.  Using these, we can determine what is a “fair market value” for the residential property you wish to purchase and will prepare the offer and submit to the seller.  There are a number of items to be negotiated, in addition to price, including terms, closing costs, date of possession, and inclusion of repairs, furnishings and equipment. Our REALTORS represent you and your best interest every step of the way.

Contract to Closing

Once your Savannah home for sale is “under contract,” the two main things to be accomplished are: a home inspection and final loan approval. While we are in this period of “due diligence” we will be in contact with the lender, inspector, the attorney and the seller or seller’s agent. We will make sure that all of these items are completed.

When all of these items have been finalized, we will review the closing settlement statement provided by the attorney, go over it with you, and accompany you to closing.

We work diligently using our experience and knowledge to accomplish this.  This will ultimately all lead to a successful closing.